An urban myth regarding endless love

This story begins at the time Argentina started being a country. Young Felicitas Guerrero, one of the most beautiful women in Buenos Aires by that time, got married in 1862 to Martín de Álzaga, an older and wealthy man. She was madly in love with him, and him with her, it was mutual.

A year after their wedding and after a sad miscarriage, Martín died and Felicitas was left all by herself being only 26 years old. She had inherited such an important sum of money that almost every gentleman in Buenos Aires wanted to marry her. Among them there was Enrique Ocampo, who was rejected by Felicitas because she was in love with a rich rancher by the name of Samuel Sáenz Valiente. Enrique heard of this, and sick with jealousy killed Felicitas shooting her in the back just before killing himself.

The Guerrero Family ordered to build a little chapel on the street Isabel La Católica as a tribute to Felicitas. The neighbors from the place all agree that every January 30th, the date in which Felicitas was killed, her ghost appears with her torso bloodstained, wandering all night till the sun comes up.

I’ve never seen the ghost myself, but I’m not taking any chances. Are you afraid of ghosts?


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