5 little French bistros in Buenos Aires


Oui Oui

A warm bistro with a vintage style, soft colours and French music is one of the most nice places in Palermo to have breakfast or an afternoon snack with terrific pastries. It’s irresistible not to have in the morning a mug of American coffee with home-made bread and marmalade or croissants, soup at noon, sandwiches, wraps, salads and lemonade, and in the afternoon, patisserie where brownies, muffins and waffle splay a big part. Everything is home-made, fresh and highest quality. On weekends there is brunch from 10 am.

Nicaragua 6068, Palermo, CABA.
Tel.: 4778 9614

Club Francés

In ‘microcentro’, there is a petit hotel of neoclassical style where Club Francés has been since 1941 and last year opened the doors of a boutique hotel of 28 rooms with a restaurant. Ramiro Martínez is the chef and he proposes some dishes which are really French like onion soup, poché eggs, lamb with ratatouille and duck. For dessert, wild berry clafoutis and pistachio and pear crème brûlée.

Rodríguez Peña 1832, Centro, CABA.
Tel.: 4811 0348 / 4812 5235

Café Arroyo

At the Sofitel Hotel at Arroyo street you can find the French Café Arroyo where you can enjoy a sober and fancy after office every day from 7 pm with nice drinks, cocktails and one of the best Martinis of the city. As well, till the end of September there is a special menu with classical French dishes as Confit de Canard, Choucroute or Bouf bourguignon.

Arroyo 841, Recoleta, CABA.
Tel: 4131 0140


Aquilino opened a little while ago in a corner in Vicente López, a family bistro with dim lights, chess tiles, tables with white tablecloths and antique chairs. They have a four step menu that changes with every season. The specialty is dulce de leche cheesecake with peanut ice cream.

Las Heras 1200, Vicente López.
Tel.: 4796 4775

Chez Nous

Located at Algodón Mansion in Recoleta, one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Buenos Aires, with walls covered with silk, a golden ceiling and a patio. It offers a high quality traditional French menu made with products from Mendoza. Dishes vary according the seasons: there is risotto, pasta and also afternoon snacks and brunch.

Montevideo 1647, Recoleta, CABA.
Tel.: 3530 7777

src: brando


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