Pisco time: 5 different brands you can try here in Argentina

It doesn’t matter whether it is Peruvian or Chilean, pisco is now trending in our country.

Cooperativa Agrícola Pisquera Elqui Limitada, Chile – $48
Pure with 35% alcohol, it is one of the most classical Chilean brands and very well known in the world. It comes from the Valley of Elqui in the Pisquera zone and it is made with Moscatel grapes. It is really clear, with floral notes, smooth flavour, delicate body, with no wood and very balanced.

Compañía Pisquera de Chile, Chile – $72
It is elaborated at one of the most old businesses of the region of Coquimbo with Pedro Jiménez grapes. Also with 35% alcohol and it rests for six months before it comes out for sale. It’s golden yellow, with a great aroma with vanilla and caramel notes. It’s very soft in the mouth and sweet at the end.

Control C
Compañía Pisquera de Chile, Chile – $145
Premium pisco, the only one that is tripe distilled made with Pedro Jiménez grapes and Moscatel from the Valley of Limarí. 40% alcohol, clear as crystal, with fresh and fruity aroma, citric notes that remind of lemon, also a little bit creamy. Special for cocktails.

Viñas de Oro
Viñas de Oro, Perú – $160
From Quebranta, some premium pisco made by Bodegas Viña de Oro. They’ve been elaborating it since 1983 in the south of Lima at the most modern and technological production facility. Fruity aroma that reminds of mango and flowers, a little bit toasted and with a beautiful packaging. Also, great for cocktails.

Viña Ocucaje, Perú – $235
Of great tradition and quality, it has won multiple medals all over the world at different contests. Elaborated with high end technology and modern quality control methods by a family business. It’s clear, with a fruity flavour with citric and tropical notes and persisting presence in the mouth.Image


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