4 new products to try this Spring in Buenos Aires

Never enough. With almonds, with a brownie, with natural dulce de leche: we thought that nothing new could be done with this ice cream flavour until Freddo decided to launch its dulce de leche with pecán almonds. It promises to be a success. But, hurry up, it’s a limited edition and you ought to try it before it’s over.


Renewed classics. The new products of Frigor: the classic ‘Sin Parar’ now comes with dulce de leche and chocolate chips with chocolate syrup; the Epa! has a new variety called Excess (dulce de leche with chocolate chips and double chocolate covering. Also, a new Torpedo of grape and orange flavour with a strawberry filling.


Light energy. Its origin is New Zealand and V Energy Drink has got guarana, and, with its caffeine content it helps to fight physical and mental tiredness. This month, the brand becomes the first in our country in presenting a sugar free option: V Sugar Free, zero calories. You can already purchase the 250ml can.


Is it a plane, a cocktail, a coffee or a dessert? It’s all of it. Tienda de Café, a cafeteria chain is now working with Patron Tequila to develop with the bartender Lucas Dávalos the XO Scegliere. The cocktail is prepared with Patrón Coffee liquor and a blend of Scegliere coffee. You can complete the recipe with dulce de leche, orange, sugar, cream or a little lemon.


Src: planetajoy



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