Off Theatre in Buenos Aires: “China Pampa”

Ignacio Huang’s (Un cuento chino) first work along with Juan Francisco Dasso.

Sundays 7 pm
La carbonera.

Starting from a ridiculous story, “China Pampa” looks in a funny way into the development of the national being. Lucero, in charge of a job at the border of the unpopulated province of Quanghai un China, is currently dating Lucía, a former Argentine singer who was abandoned in that country. Lucero’s greatest aspiration is to become a gaucho. Therefore, the plot shows a chinese man trying to turn into a gaucho at this oriental place. Together with Lucía, they work hard to organize a ‘peña’ thousands of kilomteres away from Argentina, in a country where its culture is completely unknown.


For the director, Juan Francisco Dasso, “China Pampa” wants to share the problem with identity and propose an alternative vission to the development of the national being. Everything criss-crosses: the coordenates where the play takes place is the point of connection between two very different cultures. Everything focuses on this couple and also on Lucero, the Chinese who wants to be Argentinian. My intention is to play with the imaginary of the gaucho, developed in the XIX century.



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