Florencio Bistró & Patisserie celebrates its tenth anniversary

Florencio Bistro_Selección Prensa_03

María Laura D’Aloisio, chef and owner of Florencio, invites you to its bistro to enjoy the exquisite food that it’s prepared every day.

On the eve of its tenth anniversary, María Laura wants to celebrate and lavish her guests with the delicious food she, herself, designs and proposes for the lovers of good cuisine in a warm and charming environment.

Florencio opened its doors on October 4th, 2003 by the hand of María Laura D’Aloisio, and despite the changing economy of our country, it supported itself on everything related to the beauty of the bistro, as well as its gastronomical proposal.

About Florencio

The charm of Florencio Bistró & Patisserie comes, firstly, from its location, on a not so very walked-through area of Recoleta, paving street and a very narrow lane. A little sign with its name and a chalkboard with the menú of the day make us aware that we have found this first level hiding spot, where different flavours can be appreciated in a magical way. A way that only María Laura can achieve.

It’s the smallest bistro in Buenos Aires. There’s only a counter, where the exquisite food of the patisserie and the bakery can be seen, surrounded by cupboards where all the products that are used and sold are exposed. There is also a space with four small tables for only twelve guests. It’s a privilege to be one of those people that can sit down and enjoy the menu. The china, a recollection of all styles from different eras, is a picturesque detail.

Gastronomic proposal

The different moments of the day have unbelievable offers.

For breakfast you should try toasts made of pan de campo and cereal bread with home-made marmalades, Philadelphia cheese and butter.

At noon, two different dishes are available and change every day. One of the dishes has meat and the other doesn’t. There are also salads, soups and sándwiches along with pies.

In the afternoon something classic of the bistro is the dulce de leche cheesecake, a real feast. There are also different cakes and alfajores to eat while having coffee or tea.

For dinner, every Wednesday and Friday, there are three different appetizers: chicken, mushrooms and malbec spread with a gorgeous selection of cheese.Three main dishes: always home-made pasta. Meat, which can be fish, cow meat, chicken or pork. Three desserts. The dishes are never repeated, María Laura creates something new every Wednesday and Friday depeding on what she finds fresh and tasty at the time.

Nights at Florencio have a romantic touch, with small candles on the tables and all over the place. An important tip is that you can get the restaurant closed for you to spend a special night where everything is prepared for the evening.

You should get a reservation before going because the place is really tiny. If there’s no room, you can always ask for delivery.

María Laura D´Aloisio

Professional chef. Host of “La pastelería” on Utilísima Satelital, that from November 4th will become Fox Life.

María Laura D´Aloisio graduated from Ott College with a degree on Hotel and Gastronomical Management. She began her career in charge of the patisserie of Dolli Restaurant, whose owner was executive chef Dolli Irigoyen. She also worked at Oviedo, a Spanish restaurant, with Emilio Garip and Martín Rebaudino.

She perfected herself in Europe and USA, at River Café in London and New York. At Cordon Bleu in Paris, she specialized on chocolates and patisserie from the centre of Europe. She continued her training at the restaurant Cabo Mayor in Madrid, Spain. In Italy she worked at the Hotel Roma along with Giorgio Ridolfi, executive chef, and participated as an executive chef of the Patagonia Restaurant at the International Musical and Cultural Festival of Latin America at the Delle Capannelle hippodrome in Rome.

An intensive two-year training allowed her to become the only occidental woman prepared and recognized by the Vietnamesse Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The Faena Hotel hired her to créate its unique gastronomical style from the beginning, making her head of the El Mercado restaurant and the Room Service.

María Laura is nowadays the chef and owner of Florencio, her small and precios bistró, the smallest in the country.

She’s been on TV for more tan ten years. She’s well known because of her simplicity and Italian sofisitication, her noble Argentinian personality and her Oriental details. María Laura finds a perfect and magical balance when she combines these ingredients and creates her unique style. She recently introduced her own china line, together with design objects called “Divinos sueños” [divine dreams], a creative and original fussion that commemorates the china our grandmothers had. This can be seen in Acabajo: www.acabajo.com

Florencio, Bistró & Patisserie

Address: Francisco de Vittoria 2363, Recoleta.

Reservations011 4807-6477

Open Mondays thru Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm-

Dinner with previous reservation on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Florencio Bistró, interior biz


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