Week of the Authentic Traditional Ice Cream in Buenos Aires

The “Semana del Auténtico Helado Artesanal” [Week of the Authentic Traditional Ice Cream] will began this Monday with free tastings at the shops which participate of the celebration.

The 29th edition will take place till Sunday and it is being organized by the Asociación Fabricantes Artesanales de Helados y Afines (AFADHYA) [Ice Cream Traditional Manufacturers Association.]

This entity will also present the results of the first stage of a study about traditional products and a category which shows that a third of the Argentinian population is an ‘ice cream fan.’


“The Semana del Auténtico Helado Artesanal has been taking place for almost thirty years in order to get people to know the ‘attributes and virtues’ of this product that is a part of our identity and represents the history of national gastronomy,” said Alejandro Tedeschi, president of the AFADHYA.

 The association organized free tastings at the participant shops as well as donations and raffles of ice cream for those who take part of the event through social networks.

 Where? At the Obelisco. Diagonal Norte and Cerrito. A special free tasting will take place there for people to celebrate the ‘semana’ and share the true taste of the authentic traditional ice cream this Friday!

For more info visit: www.afadhta.com.ar

 By the way, results of a poll show that the favorite Argentinian ice cream flavor is… dulce de leche. Not much of a surprise, huh?


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