The hype of #PMopenAir in Buenos Aires


Parties during daytime were a huge success last season and are back in Buenos Aires this year. A striking oasis with gorgeous palm trees and the heating sun in front of the river makes us able to enjoy the best music in town.

The first edition of this year’s PM Open Air Music (third one’s a charm. There were two avant premieres that had to be posposed because of rain) left clear that it is a really good (and thoroughly thought) product. Not only because its public is well targeted (cute girls, cool guys, cool foreigners and porteño hippies and hispters), but also because this year it added a venue in front of the river that is ON FIRE! Imagine (if you haven’t been there yet) the blazing sun, table tennis, people riding bikes, palm trees, a huge ‘bouncy’ castle, stylish pets, nice looks (on both guys and gals), great DJs and live bands so to close the party at night with a full moon reflected on the River Plate. Paartaaaaaaaay!

For moments, the wind that comes from the east, along with the image of the setting sun and the rising stars, makes you feel that you are living for a second in another city that is not Buenos Aires at all. The energy that could be felt on the first two PMs of this season, both its avant premiere and its second edition which took place on Saturday 23rd with Allucination, was unique and is already a must-go place that has no direct competition on Saturday afternoons in the porteño Summer.


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