Happy Friday, Happy Soul!

Happy Friday, Happy Soul!

Every friday, a Happy Soul pic for you.

Travel, freedom, happiness, world, adventure…
@Bairesme – Come to Buenos Aires and explore the city with us to have an unforgettable experience.


Experimental Electronic Music this week in Buenos Aires

Festivales FUGA presents:

▲”Búsquedas Sonoras” with Javier Piñango (Madrid) & John Richter at CCEBA (Florida 943) >> This Thursday, April 24, 18: 45 pm.
▲ “Trazos Sonoros” Javier Piñango with Luis Marte & Vlisa >> Saturday 26, 17: 45 pm. at Fundación Lebensohn.
Both are free!

More about FUGA Festivals >> fb.com/fugafestivales



Buenos Aires Icons by Camilo Rocci

Camilo is 25 years old and is studying Graphic Design at UBA. Check out his series about the architectural icons of Buenos Aires.

– Planetario, Palermo-


– Puente de la Mujer, Puerto Madero –


– Facultad de Derecho, Palermo –


– Congreso Nacional, Congreso –


– Obelisco, San Nicolás –

obelisco camilo rocci

– Edificio Kavanagh –

edificio camilo rocci

Documentary Conexión Sur

:::: Conexion sur ::::

First documentary about the history of electronic music in Argentina. It ranges from early 70s to late 90s.

Watch it during BAFICI:

* Thursday April 10 20:05 at the Village Recoleta, Junin and Vicente Lopez. Bonus Track, Jamm Session!!

* Friday, April 11 23:50 at the Village Recoleta, Junin and Vicente Lopez. * Sunday April 13 17:25 at the Village Recoleta, Junin and Vicente Lopez.

An idea of Luis Marte and Pablo Reche.
Directed by Dolores Lagrange.